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What about URI schemes to deep link? Unfortunately, still broken. It seems that even though Apple touched the code, they are forcing everyone over to Universal Links forever. Request a Branch Demo. This was originally posted on July 20th, but has since been updated with the latest information. Now that Apple no longer supports URI schemes for deep linking, developers must….

And this year was no…. At some point in early , a few enterprising scammers figured out how to hijack iOS Safari via an infinite loop of custom URI scheme redirects. The result was essentially….

Safari Web Content Guide

We are not seeing the redirect issue. I am trying it with an Instragram email which has actions to open the post in the native app. Can you please confirm? However, in testing Thanks for the prompt update Alex. For our users, when they click on a Branch link on How can we fix this scenario? The default behavior of Branch deep links is to open the app if the app is already installed.

NSAdi 1, 5 I feel like if someone's gone to the effort of jailbreaking their phone to make Chrome their default browser, honouring that setting is probably the ideal behaviour.

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  • How to open a URL in Safari.

I understood this but if I am opening a website and user is surfing the website now if he stops by a particular page then can I get the current webpage link in my code? Why isn't this marked correct? Above method is deprecated now use following.

Providing Navigational Context to Your App

Swift Syntax: New Swift Syntax for iOS 9. Michael Peterson 6, 1 39 Dustin Williams Dustin Williams 3, 1 12 Swift versions of answers are extremely useful to Swift developers, it's a new language without a lot of documentation, esp. So Dustin should be upvoted, not chastised. Why would he not be able to include a Swift version? Oct 24 '16 at 3: I recommend never to force unwrap.

Might want to assert and error in the else statement to catch typos.

Chetan Prajapati Chetan Prajapati 1, 11 I don't see why you wouldn't simply call openURL: Good answer Chetan.. Tim Tim Thanks Tim. You are right on point. I was adding my own answer as yours came in.

How to open a URL in Safari - free Swift example code and tips

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Implementing a Smart App Banner on Your Website

Community Specialist. It sounds like there are some issues with the way Safari responds to links within apps causing them to inappropriately reroute them.

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We want for your apps and features to work as intended and can help to resolve this with you. You'll find a link below with steps to reset Safari web data which should help resolve this.

Hope this helps. View answer in context. Loading page content. I still get the same issue: Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. JoeChasko JoeChasko. Berniebisel Berniebisel. Leanne Leanne Ask a question Reset.