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You can get your carrier settings from their website or by calling their technical support hotline. If your phone already has the right APN then verify if your account has a mobile data subscription. When Wi-Fi is working everything works perfectly. But messenger and emails works perfectly. Kindly can you please guide me how to resolve this problem? Try checking first if your account has an active mobile data subscription. Next, check your phone settings especially the APN. Compare your phone APN to the one used by your network and make the necessary changes in your phone if there are any differences.

If the APN checks out and you have an active mobile data subscription the next step is to check if a third party app installed in your phone is preventing you from getting online. To do this, you should start your phone in Safe Mode. Once your phone is in Safe Mode check if the problem persists. Find out what app this is and uninstall it.

Samsung Galaxy S4

My internet does not work when i am outside. Inside it works perfectly fine cuz i am connected to my home wifi. When i am outside though i cannot go on the internet, facebook, whatsapp, snapchat or any other social media. I have turned the wifi off and put my mobile data on but it still does not seem to work.

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Try to check first if your account has an active mobile data subscription. Once you have verified that you have an active mobile data subscription try to check the APN settings of your phone and make sure that it matches the one used by your carrier.

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  6. There are also instances when an app installed in your phone may be preventing you from using your mobile data. To check on this you should start your phone in Safe Mode. Try to go online while your phone is in this mode. If you can go online then the problem may be most likely caused by an app you installed.

    After the recent Lollipop 5. It then goes to a semi black screen when I select Wait. It then eventually shows all wifi networks or connects to the relevant wifi network.

    How To Fix A Samsung Galaxy S4 Not Connecting To Mobile Data Or Wi-Fi & Other Related Issues

    I use to select OK and there is some lag time before it goes back to my home screen and I have to start the process again. Settings now has around a second lag when it tries to load the wifi page to see available wifis.

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    • How To Fix A Samsung Galaxy S4 Not Connecting To Mobile Data Or Wi-Fi & Other Related Issues.
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    I can also select the Wifi button on the Quick Menu drop down but it has the same result. Not sure what it relates to though…. I have cleared the cache already. Started by: All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

    I have galaxy s4 but I can't get 3G network I have rebooted my fine twice and turned on off aswel but its doesn't help Message 1 of 8. This can work when a reboot fails. Please see this guide: Message 2 of 8.

    Switch between 3G/4G

    Message 3 of 8. Sets it all up for you: Message 4 of 8. Can you please check your Internet settings are exactly as in this guide http: Urban Myths - The truth is out there! Message 5 of 8. Hi, if you have slow Internet then your Internet settings must be right but there could be a couple of things that are causing this,check to see if there are any outages on the network where you are by putting your postcode into the link here http: Message 6 of 8.