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The Samsung Galaxy S4 uses a refined version of the hardware design introduced by the Samsung Galaxy S III , with a rounded, polycarbonate chassis and a removable rear cover. Near the top of the device are a front-facing camera, infrared , proximity , and ambient light sensors , and a notification LED. In particular, the infrared sensor is used for the device's "Air View" features.

A headphone jack , secondary microphone and infrared blaster are located at the top. Galaxy S4 models use one of two processors, depending on the region and network compatibility. The S4 version for North America, most of Europe, parts of Asia, and other countries contains Qualcomm 's Snapdragon system-on-chip , containing a quad-core 1. The chip also contains a modem which supports LTE. The octa-core CPU comprises a 1.

Only one of the clusters is used at any particular moment, and software sees the processor as a single quad-core CPU. The S4 was originally released with Android 4. Head tracking features have been extended on the S4; the new "Smart Scroll" feature can be used to scroll while looking at the screen by slightly tilting head or phone forward or backward, [34] and "Smart Pause" allows the video player to pause videos if the user is not looking at the screen.

The "Group Play" feature allows ad hoc sharing of files between Galaxy phones, along with multiplayer games and music streaming between S4 phones. The S4 also introduces Knox in the Android 4. The camera app implements numerous new features some of which were first seen on the Galaxy Camera , including an updated interface, and new modes such as "Drama" which composes a moving element from multiple shots into a single photo , "Eraser" which takes multiple shots and allows the user to remove unnecessary elements from a picture , "Dual Shot" which uses the front-facing camera for a picture-in-picture effect , "Sound and Shot" which allows the user to record a voice clip alongside a photo , "Animated Photo", and "Story Album" among others.

A minor update was released in June , restoring the ability to move apps to the SD card, and adding HDR video support among other tweaks. In November , Samsung began rolling out an update to Android 4.

In February , Samsung began rolling out an update to Android 4. Although this behavior has existed since Android 3. In January , Samsung began rolling out an update to Android 5. The rollout continued in March starting with unlocked models in the UK, Nordic and Baltic countries and has since then spread to several other countries. Several different model variants of the S4 are sold, with most variants varying mainly in handling regional network types and bands. To prevent grey market reselling, models of the S4 manufactured after July implement a regional lockout system in certain regions, requiring that the first SIM card used on a European and North American model be from a carrier in that region.

Samsung stated that the lock would be removed once a local SIM card is used. S4 would be released on June 26, through Google Play , initially featuring stock Android 4. When this cover is detected by a hall effect sensor , the time and battery are displayed in this cover's window area.

Software updates: Samsung Galaxy S4

The S4 received many positive reviews, though some criticism. Gigaom 's Tofel says he would recommend the S4 "without hesitation" and says that it's "Samsung's defining phone". He wishes the S4 would mark the end of Samsung's plan to add too many new features with its flagship smartphones. Technology journalist Walt Mossberg described the S4 as "a good phone, just not a great one". Mossberg wrote: Consumer Reports named the S4 as the top smartphone as of May due to its screen quality, multitasking support, and built-in IR blaster. Samsung initially stated that the space was required for the S4's new features, but following a report regarding the issue on the BBC series Watchdog , Samsung stated that it would review the possibility of optimising the S4's operating system to use less local drive space in a future update.

The S4 reached 10 million pre-orders from retailers in the first two weeks after its announcement. The S4 sold 4 million in 4 days and 10 million in 27 days making it the then fastest selling smartphone in Samsung's history this has been eclipsed by the Galaxy S5. Samsung shipped more than 20 million S4 smartphones by June 30, which is around 1. A house in Hong Kong is alleged to have been set on fire by an S4 in July , [] followed by a minor burnt S4 in Pakistan.

In the video, the power cord was shown to be severely burnt and showed warped damage to the power plug. Later in the video, Wygand describes how he attempted to get a replacement:. Rogers [has] seen it, and they freaked out. In his second video, uploaded a few days after the first one, Wygand states that in order to receive a replacement phone, Samsung allegedly asked him to sign a legal document requiring him to remove the video , remain silent about the agreement, and surrender any future claims against the company.

In an interview with Mashable , Wygand said that since he posted the second video, no further response from Samsung was received. However, an official spokesman from Samsung told Mashable, "Samsung takes the safety and security of our customers very seriously. Our Samsung Canada team is in touch with the customer, and is investigating the issue. In the UK companies which sold the S4 have varied in their reactions to claims by worried customers for replacement batteries under the Sale of Goods Act. Amazon , for example, have simply refunded part of the purchase price to allow for the cost of a replacement battery.

O2 however insist that the complete phone, with the faulty battery, be returned to them so that they in turn can send it to Samsung to consider the claim. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Android phone. For other uses, see Galaxy 4 disambiguation. Further information: Android operating system , TouchWiz , and S Voice. This section relies too much on references to primary sources. Please improve this section by adding secondary or tertiary sources.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved Retrieved 10 April When can I get it? CBS Interactive. Android News. Retrieved 19 April Wolfson Microelectronics. Samsung Electronics. Retrieved 19 May Android Central. Mobile Nations. Retrieved 15 March Considering these are likely the best selling handsets for Australia's second largest carrier I would hope that the question would not have to be asked more than three times in order to evoke a response from a rep.

Hey Bombora , thanks for the feedback. Once we have more solid details, it will be posted on this thread. Stay tuned. I did some Googling. Apparently Telstra hasn't got theirs either. With Vodafone, it says " Issues found during testing, awaiting new software from Samsung. I'm also sick and tired of all the waiting as well as continuously having to check this forum for the not-so-specific updates.

BTW, did you just mention "Australia's second largest carrier"? Now, fingers crossed that we'll be getting 7. Sorry for the long wait with this Lando, as Serena mention as soon as we get any information.

Samsung Galaxy S4™

We'll update the blog. So was the 6. Because that's the software version I have and my phone has reset at least once a day for the last week If your Samsung keeps resetting, I'd recommend you coming into one of our stores so we could assess the phone. Yes official nougat has been released for the SM-GF. I've got the latter device. Carrier associated ones should be rolled out hopefully by the next couple of weeks. US is following suit too. Now we just need more updates from our Australian carriers. Unbranded Australian versions of the Huawei P9 are getting the Android 7.

Is there an update regarding the Optus branded P9's? One would think you must have more infomation regarding this. If it is good enough for customers with the same phone in Australia sureley Optus should be able to release the update? At this point it is easier for me to flash my phone with the unbranded firmware than to wait for your modified version. Hi TheFuzz. We don't have any specific news to share on the firmware update for the P9 at the moment. Unlocked devices have the updates pushed to them direct from the manufacturer, whereas extensive testing has to occur before we release an update.

Bear in mind than manually altering the software may invalidate your warranty. We appreciate your patience, and we'd rather ensure that software is fully compliant with our network and services before releasing it. I hope Optus is cutrrently conducting extensive testing to ensure that the rollout will be a smooth one. Also, are we getting the Jan security patch alongside the new upgrade? Security patches are usually rolled in with any major software releases.

Best to keep an eye on the site as we update it. My S7 Edge has been rebooting every 5 minutes!

Galaxy S4 Running Android Oreo 8.1.0! (RR)

Am fed up with the issues. Trying to terminate the contract! Anyone who wants to can participate. This way the users can chose freely between different ID4me providers and can also change the provider anytime. Further information can be found here: Already registered? Log in here. From this point on, Samsung stopped supporting the device with regular OS updates. The last sporadic updates for the Galaxy S4 were deployed around the end of and "only" closed some known security issues and small bug fixes. Usually, your Galaxy S4 updates itself, so it should be up to date.

If for some reason, your phone isn't up to date, you should trigger an update search. Go into the Settings menu and look for System Updates and tap on it.

How to get Android Marshmallow on a Samsung Galaxy S4 | AndroidPIT

This should trigger any missing software updates. There are no official Android Marshmallow updates for the Galaxy S4. Check out our guide on how to get Marshmallow on your Samsung Galaxy S4. I had no idea something so bad could come of updating. I wasn't able to update for so long due to no internet. But I finally did a couple days ago and it's been nothing but a nightmare since!

I really should have looked for reviews on this. But I figured google has never done me wrong.. Until this pile of crap. Every widget is unusable, it freeze a lot and it looks terrible.

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I have been looking all over the place trying to find fixes and such. Alls I find are problems from all sorts of users and very few solutions. I honestly can't believe this update has been out this long! Considering the amount of negative reviews I think they should release an optional patch that downgrades I can't use this thing for anything anymore. It's quite infuriating! I might just have to buy a windows phone or something. I hate this pile of crap that much. I have never hated anything from s2 - s4 until this I hate everything about the new update.