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After you are done a thumbnail of the picture you have just taken will show up in the notification area of your phone. Let me show you how to change icons with the Zedge app on android phones. Once you Last week Instagram finally decided to let users post portrait and landscape photos to instagram. The Android operating system for cell phones is very versatile.

In some cases the numerous Any help will be appreciated sez Arr. For the Galaxy Centura Android version 4. This new update is making it almost impossible to take a screenshot. None of the previous methods work. I tried all 3 buttons at once: Unfortunately every time that I do that the volume bar automatically pops up on the screen and therefore is in all the screenshots.

Help anyone? I use an a Sony Xperia Z, and just updated to Android jelly bean 4. Thank Neptune i found out how to do it! With my old gs2 I use to press the power button and the home button just once and let go. But with the gs2 ice cream update u have to hold it! I been driving mysef crazy and thats all I had to do. Hope this helps u guys. I have got my phone updated at android version 4. Just follow the second step, press power button n home button together for precisely half a second as mentioned, do that two times so that u r sure u pressed it just for half a second, and not more than that..

After you have done that, follow the first step, ie, hold power and volume button together, and screenshot wud be there. Even i updated to the latest android and was facing similar problems, n its working now.. Ive been trying all sorts of combinations.

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Thank you very much, this worked. Thanks a lot! Disable the quick lock when pressing the power button. After I did this it worked just fine. Being as I rarely take screen shots of my phone I will likely keep the lock screen rather than let it time out after 15 seconds. Hello, I have the samsung galaxay s2. Andriod Version 4. Same here. Neither of these methods works for me. Task manager will appear if the home button was pressed after power button, or you were too slow to press the power button. Hope it helps! You can still take the screenshot by holding the power button along with the home button..

I also send my old Samsung galaxy s2 and they send me the new one with updated android. I have s2 gtI with android 4. In photo editor — unable to open files…. Any help…. I had this same problem…i figured out if you touch hold your finger ontop of the picture you want to save options come up to save,copy etc. After a replacement phone, I am now operating a galaxy s2; sgh-t with Android 4. None seem to be working. Home button and power button BUT push only the bottom of the power button. Your method works!

But it works. Difficult to get to work, seeing as I have to remove my case to do it right, but works. Thank you. It is SOO temperamental tho! Holy crap. I would like to help you but I am going to need your Android version to find out for sure. Go to settings — About phone and check the Android version.

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Get back to me and I will try to help you. I just updated my galaxy s2 to the 4. Please help. You have to try to get this to work. I took me a while to capture the screen shot: What I have noticed is that you need to hold down the power button and the capacitive home button for a second and a half. I had Previously the gingerbread os and that was only a half second to accomplish a screenshot I am currently on a Samsung galaxy s2 ICS I I just did it by fluke.

That is not true. I have a newer S2 and pressing the power and home touch pad button is all I need. I got this to work correctly ONCE. Why would they make this harder??? Thank you! Tried this just now and it worked! Thank God for your fluke!! I have the galaxy s2 skyrocket 4. Please help me with this feature. Hi Esme you just need to hold the volume down button, power button and the home button simultaneously.. I think it should then work. Idk what to do. I was just given this upgraded phone after filing an insurance claim and I noticed that with the original s 2 to take a screen capture you would push first the home button and then the lock screen.

However, with the newer version you push the lock screen and then home button! Hope this helps! I just upgraded yesterday and was having a hard time, but, Stephanie, what you said worked! Thank you!! I just got my new galaxy s2 thru insurance also. That works! Lock button THEN home button. There IS no button beneath the home icon on the Skyrocket.

Hope this helps: Oh and so sorry for saying the skyrocket has a physical home button wich it obviously does not have…. I have an S2. There is no home button, only a home icon. Um, no. For the 4. I just verified that.

How to take screenshot on Android 4.0 ICS Samsung Galaxy S2

You should give it another try. Most people have problems getting it right the first time. Also be sure to use the second approach if you have the latest firmware for your phone. Samsung Has changed the way to screenshot in the newest version of Android Os. I have now updated the guide accordingly. Hopefully you will get it to work this time: Great advise! I have been trying the old way and couldnt figure out what happened. Works like a charm now thanks. Screenshot Ultimate is also a cool screenshot app.

Works on all my devices including Google TV , only downside is the interface, but all the other apps have the same problem. It worked for me on my S2 I For 2. For 4. Thanks so much for posting this!! I just did it on my Epic 4G Touch and it worked perfectly. If you push the home button and the power button at the same time it works but you have to hold it a little longer then before.

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Please help its so frustrating xx. Samsung changed keys in Galaxy S2 4.

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So I can take a screen shot with my galaxy s2 lte with ice cream sandwich by holding down power, volume down and home key but now the volume bar in in the screen shot. How do I get rid of that? How do I reverse the update. I miss my screen capture. I hope someone can help me! Finally got it to work! Thanks Donald! At least I got it working! Thanks so much! You have to try a few times until you hit the buttons simultaneously… Trial and error will do it…. First press and hold power button then press volume down and wa La!!!!

You should hear and see some results. I have SGS2 and still cant get this screenshot to work and i dont know my my new upated version. I have tried all of the methods above to no avail. Is there another way or a way to change it?? It only turns the volume down or licks the screen. Pressing home then power like it used to be opens the task manager. It took me a while too, but it worked if I push the power button first for a sec and then the home button.

With gingerbread i used to push them at the exact same time but that doesnt work on ics. Just updated to ICS and I have the skyrocket. Holding down the home button and power button will work, you just have to hold it down longer. Tried it multiple times with various ways.

Holy cow! I also just upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket and cannot get this to work. Please help! You have to press them simultaneously. If you were used to pressing Home and then Power in a two-step process, just work on your timing. I like this way better actually, especially having the thumbnail show up. My phone has just recently got updated to 4. And to take screenshot I pushed and held down the volume down and power buttons at the same time. But all it does is silence my phone and bring out the option of shutting my phone off or silence it etc.

What do I do? How to take screenshot on Android 4. Update — Look like Samsung disabled default Android 4. Pleas help i just upgraded my Galaxy s2 to ics the screen shot as u explained is not working.. The only way this is not going to work if you are sure you have upgraded your phone to Ice Cream Sandwich, is if the power or the volume down button is not working properly.

I just read a post in a forum where a person had the same problem as you. The thing is that his phone was rooted! Have your phone been rooted at some time? If so I think this may be the reason. I have the smaller version of the Galaxy Android.. If I hold those buttons for a while, the phone just shoots down. Thanks anyway. I correct my previous message. Yes, it is possible to take a screenshot.

Sorry about that, I was not pushing the two buttons simultaneously, Thanks! Hold it longer, apparently you have yo hold it longer than previous shortcut, i remember before upgrading to ICS i can just hold Home and power, it will instantaneously take the SS.. If you have upgraded to ice cream sandwich this is the way to do it. Old Gingerbread worked every time for screenshot. Your email address will not be published. If you have ugraded your phone to the latest version of Android for the gs2 there is a different approach.

Hold for just about half a second or so and the screenshot is done. Found somthing useful why not. Related posts. December 31, at C-Train says: October 21, at Christian says: October 30, at 4: Xperia Z user says: August 11, at August 9, at 1: Amna says: July 16, at 2: October 30, at 8: Richard Lloyd says: August 7, at 6: Kali says: June 21, at 7: June 15, at Michael says: May 27, at 3: Lucky says: May 25, at Benji says: April 26, at 8: ZachBob says: June 2, at 4: Ben says: August 20, at April 19, at 1: Prak says: April 2, at March 23, at 8: March 13, at Susanna says: March 6, at 1: Aaron says: March 6, at March 16, at 8: Lindsay says: March 28, at 6: May 19, at 6: December 9, at 2: March 4, at 8: Galaxy s2 skyrocket..

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