Windows phone 8.1 update nokia lumia 625

This closes at the end of today, July 11th, and from now on there's no possibility of patches or updates of any kind to 8.

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It's a storm in a teacup, mind you, since there haven't been any pushed i. Not that 8.

Upgrading Lumia to windows phone - The giffgaff community

Feature updates all got pushed into the Windows 10 Mobile ugrade and its UWP applications, which makes the wording of point 2's bold text above interesting. It explicitly tells users about the ' upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile' as the recommended alternative to losing support, something which Microsoft has been too quiet about over the last couple of years. Admittedly there's the relatively prominent upgrade page here , screenshotted below, which Google or Bing!

But there has been no official email out to all active users telling them about the upgrade.

See also my feature looking at which branches of Windows 10 Mobile each phone's users can upgrade to. The table from which is reproduced below, for convenience. Just as an example, take a humble user of a Lumia , launched only six months before Windows 10 Mobile was available.

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  • Such a phone and user will be unsupported after today, but by upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile they can jump up to the Creators Update Redstone 2 and thus will have support and fixes until Spring To take an older example, what about an older Lumia , from mid ? This can be officially upgraded to the Anniversary Update again, see below and thus will continue to get full support until August In short, today does mark the point at which the older Windows Phones aren't being supported at all, but then they haven't been for a long time in reality.

    And anyone with a phone from onwards stands an excellent chance of extending support for another couple of years simply by doing the upgrade.

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    Microsoft has not said anything about when this Update will be available for other devices. Well this is probably a bug, but it is now possible to install the Windows Phone 8. This is probably not the official release of the Windows Phone 8. However worst case scenario would be to reset your phone with the Nokia Recovery Tool in order to update your phone.

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    With the GDR 2 Update your phone will get some neat new features. First of all and probably the most obvious one, settings are now sorted and are looking a lot more clearly arranged now.

    Windows Phone 8.1 Update for Nokia lumia 520, 525, 625, 720, 820, 920,1020

    It is also possible to search settings now, as you can see in the screenshots below. It looks pretty nice though Microsoft could think about displaying this maybe for the first few weeks the phone is in use or so. Not only the UI of the settings has changed with GDR 2 Update but also some detailed things in the settings have been changed by Microsoft. These notifications are not new. So this is all we know about the Windows Phone 8.

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    Feel free to let me know your opinion on this update and what you think Microsoft should implement in Windows Phone before the big release of Windows Windows 10 Build New Tray Clock Experience included by Default. Subway Surfers is getting abandoned on Windows Phone. Microsoft is shutting down Push Notification for Windows Phone 7. Telegram Messenger for Windows Phone updated with better security protocols. Barclays Bank to no longer support their Windows Phone app.